How was the stock market in 2077?

In 2077 B.S., the Nepali stock market remained bullish. In other words, the year was a happy one for investors in the stock market as a whole. There were many positive changes in the market that year and the Nepse index reached an all-time high.

Last year, many investors entered the Nepali stock market. The bullish sentiment seen in the market that year attracted a lot of people. In addition, about 3.4 million demat accounts have been opened till the last day of the year.

It was analyzed that the investment in those areas also entered the stock market after other areas of investment came to a standstill due to the lockdown to reduce the risk of corona virus infection. For the same reason, the transaction amount in Nepse last year also set a new record.

Investors say the nationwide lockdown has helped make the Nepali stock market technology-friendly to a large extent. Most investors are now trading online. However, due to the commitment of many investors and the weak system, investors have been facing problems from time to time.

On the last trading day of last year, the Nepse index closed at an all-time high of 2714.79 points. Nepse, which closed at 1251.45 points last year, increased by a total of 116.93 percent or 1463.34 points last year. Similarly, 2.85 billion shares worth Rs 854.72 billion were traded in 9.128 million transactions last year.

Last year, the total market capitalization of Nepse has increased by Rs. 2.158 trillion. Such capitalization, which was Rs 1.6 trillion on the last trading day of the previous year, has increased by Rs 2.158 trillion last year to Rs 37.59 trillion.

Last year, investors were trading in subgroups from time to time. Due to which enthusiasm was seen in each sub-group from time to time. There were also some changes in subgroups that year. The hotel subgroup was changed to the hotel and tourism subgroup and the investment subgroup was added. Of the 13 subgroup indicators that year, the trade subgroup index rose the most at 3176.20 points, or 415.89 percent, to 3939.92 points. Similarly, the index of other sub-groups increased by 201.34 percent in the same year.

The company, Nepal Reinsurance topped last year in terms of turnover. Shares worth Rs 40.30 billion have been bought and sold in reinsurance in the same year. Similarly, shares of Nepal Life Insurance worth Rs 39.43 billion have been traded.

Based on the number of transactions, Nepal Reinsurance company is the leading one in that year. Shares of that company have been traded 4 lakh 25 thousand 361 times last year. Similarly, shares of Nepal Infrastructure Bank have been traded 350,000 700 times that year.

Based on the number of shares, Nepal Bank is ahead last year. In that year, 54.6 million shares of Nepal Bank have been bought and sold. Similarly, more than 40 million shares of Prabhu Bank, Global IME Bank, Kumari Bank and National Hydropower have been bought and sold.

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