About UniHome Smart Investment Fund

Safety, income, and capital gains are the big three objectives of UniHome Smart Investment Fund (USIF).
1. USIF invested private capital in stock market (Shares, debenture, bonds, mutual funds), savings & other investment instruments.
2. UniHome Smart Investment Fund is an economic vehicle committed for higher returns.

USIF Investor Benefits

  • Higher Return with Lower Risk
  • Opportunity to small investors to invest in stock marekt with professional hands
  • Diversify investment in different sectors of the investment arena in stock market.
  • 8% dividend from annual returns and refund of totl returns as per actual net assets value (NAV) on close of the fund.
  • Periodic financial reports
  • Manage and monitor your investment account electronically
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Ability to invest and have a social impact

Performance, Transparency & Trust

We provide transparency to avoid “Hidden Figures”

SIF has and will continue to be managed with integrity. We aim to be known as a trusted, innovative fund that delivers profitable returns to our Investors and leverages group economics. In order to achieve this, we commit to the following ethos:

  1.  Be fiscally responsible.
  2.  Maintain proper internal controls with the necessary checks and balances.
  3.  Provide financial transparency.
  4.  Nurture innovation.
  5. We use systems to minimize human error and bias
  6. Be accountable to maintaining high standards of performance.

How we deliver on transparency…

We believe that the transparency of our performance and fiscal stewardship is the linchpin in earning  and maintaining the trust of our Investors. 

We’ve opened our investment portfolio for investors review. We used to share our annual audited financials with investors to ensure their investments are properly accounted for. 

Fee Structure

USIF receives:
  -1% AMC charge (on Investment Fund
-15% profit share (Hurdle rate doesn’t apply)


Please contact at UniHome Investment Company.

Yes, a USIF Newsletter will be distributed monthly. In the newsletter, you can expect to receive information regarding current announcements, fund activity, stock holding updates, transactions that have taken place, upcoming events and much more. 

We diversified our investment ranging from short term to long term in money market and stock market. Since, returns on stock investment compounded with time duration, which is why we project a hold period of approximately five to seven years. During that time, USIF Investors are eligible for an 8% annual dividend. The dividend is paid periodically based on Fund’ financials. 

UniHome Smart Investment Fund (USIF) was created to invest in various stocks and financial instruments in the market such as shares of a company, debenture, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits in bank and financial institutions (BFI) and also in various investment instruments. Use the APPLY FOR INVESTMENT button at the top of this page to initiate the process.

No. There is not a secondary market for USIF shares. The shares do not operate like stock securities in a publicly traded company listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange; rather, your shares represent a partnership in a private company- the Smart Investment Fund. USIF preferred shares offer an 8% dividend from the annual returns and refund of total returns as per net assets value (NAV) of the fund. 

Yes, as the designated owner of the shares you can transfer and/or assign your shares to another person or entity. Please call or email us for details on how to transfer your shares at 977-1-5193058-UniHome(or) info@unihome.com.np

Yes, but this is extremely rare. USIF shares do not trade in a secondary market like the Nepal Stock Exchange. So, in order to sell your shares, as the designated owner, you would need to have already secured a buyer. This transaction agreement would be between you and the buyer. 

USIF is not operating as a broker

Your investment has made you an unitholder in the UniHome Smart Investment Fund. The fund’s primary focus is to deliver the maximum return on your investment  (distributing an annual 8% dividend return). We do this by investing the fund in stock market and its varietal dynamics. The Fund Manager is experienced and knowledgeable of several ways to monetize the assets in the fund’s portfolio. The primary methods of making money for the fund is by selling the stocks at a higher price than purchased. 

The Fund Manager defines a dividend as a sum of money paid by UniHome Investment Fund to its investors (you) out of its profits (or reserves).

The Fund Manager defines capital raised as the total amount of money that has been invested in the fund. 

The Fund Manager defines fund expenses as the operating, overhead and investing expenses. USIF is responsible for in order to successfully operate the fund. 

The Fund Manager defines fund performance as a measurement of outcomes. In plain terms- did the fund make money or lose money over time? The Fund Manager measures performance by calculating the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on assets. 

Simply stated, the Internal rate of return (IRR) for an investment is the percentage rate earned on each rupee invested for each period it is invested, if any. The IRR is widely used in commercial real estate as an investment performance measure. Generally speaking, the higher a project’s internal rate of return, the more desirable the project is to undertake.

You can download the Offering Circular by clicking the link:

  1. Click the [INVEST NOW] button and start to complete the form.
  2. Enter your identification information in the form.
  3. Enter payment information.
  4. Sign the electronic subscription agreement.
  5. Funds will be transferred from your bank and placed in escrow.