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General Questions

a. Anyone with a minimum of NPR. 1 million of surplus income or idle cash.

b. Anyone looking for longer term growth of their investment portfolio.

Nepal’s economy has changed radically in recent years but most seem to continue to invest as if it hasn’t. UniHome Investments offers a means for investors to gain exposure to those areas of the Nepal’s economy that are sometimes not accessible to them in terms of their individual investment size. We work towards consolidating investors to take on investment opportunities. UniHome Investments works towards providing better return compared to prevailing bank rates. Investment with better but most importantly secure returns over longer periods of time. UniHome Investments also provides better avenues and options for investor to exit with ease.

Investors can gain access to a variety of investment opportunities with UniHome Investments. We provide unique blend of equity investment opportunities in diversified sectors including stock market, infrastructure, SMEs and new venture opportunities. We only invest in sound companies with sound management teams or work towards building a base that ensures potential for better growth and expansion. We invest in businesses that are scalable and that provide goods, services and solutions that address their customers’ needs. We work with companies that are registered with the Office of Company Registrar only. However, we only work with companies registered in Nepal and at this point we do not work with companies incorporated in other countries.

a. UNIHOME INVESTS IN BUSINESSES THROUGH ITS INVESTMENT COMPANIES – owned and managed by its management team and principals. Investors can get access to shares of these investment companies by investing their equity in these investment firms, controlled and managed by UniHome Investments.

b. All investment options are reviewed through third party agencies, proper due diligence process are ensured prior to putting in the equity investments. UniHome Investments consolidates equity from individual investors to form an investment company, along with its own equity. We ensure disciplined asset allocation and risk management.

c. UniHome Investments invests through primarily four types of structured portfolio –

    i) Stock market: Investing in Nepalese stock market with quality stock that could meet our investment philosophy.

    ii)Infrastructure: investments in long term infrastructure ventures and businesses

    iii)Equity: Buyouts and/or infusion of/into stable existing SME businesses

    iv)Ventures: Investments in new ventures as UniHome equity.

a) To consolidate diverse nature of investment options into certain structure based on investment requirements and risks

b) Provide options for investors through diversified portfolio and risk management.

c) Different investment structures have different time horizons.

 Investment structures

a. Short Term Investment Period (Growth and Income): for the minimum period of 5 years This service is offered to investors especially to meet the short term investment needs of clients with the objective of beating the short term bank interest rate. Such investments would be channelled through a particular investment firm and will focus on businesses and opportunities providing steady incomes.

b. Long term Investment Period: for the period more than five years, especially for the time period of 8 years to 10 years.

This service is offered to investors to meet their long term investment need of the client with the objective to get a larger return on investments. Such investments would be channelled through a particular investment firm and will focus on businesses and opportunities that requires longer term grooming and market establishment.

Each investment structure has its own investment focus, investment time horizon and risk levels. The investors would be provided with the shareholder certificates of respective investment firms bonded through a shareholders’ agreement in terms of their rights and exit policy.

a. UniHome Investments invests in businesses through it investment companies, owned and managed by its management team and principals. Investors can get access to shares of these investment companies by investing their equity in these investment firms, controlled and managed by UniHome Investments.

b. INVESTORS DO NOT INVEST IN UNIHOME, they invest in shares of investment companies managed by UniHome Investments.

c. UniHome Investments doesn’t only manage investments; it also invests itself, along with your equity, in the business through its investment companies. WE SHARE THE RISKS!

d. We offer equity shares with differential rights to you for the funds invested in the investment company of your choice. Shareholders’ agreement defines the rights of the shareholders.

a. THERE ARE NO DIRECT COSTS TO THE INVESTORS when they invest in the investment companies. One buys differential rights shares of these investment companies at the current valued prices.

b. Capital gain tax and/or dividend related taxes will be applicable on any returns and dividends as in any equity investments.

c. Each of the investment companies, however, has investment management agreement with UniHome

   Investments for a fee. UniHome Investments charges investment companies following fees:

   i. Annual management Fee (payable annually): 1 – 2 % of the investment fund under management

   ii. Carried interests or performance bonus (at exit): 20% of return in excess of the defined hurdle rate(currently at 10%).

All investments contain some element of risk. The risks are same as making any equity investments, but risks are reduced as UniHome Investments invests in a portfolio of different businesses. WE SHARE THE BUSINESS RISKS with you by investing our own equity.

a. We issue DIFFERENTIAL RIGHTS SHARES. But that doesn’t mean one gives away all rights.

b. All shares holders just give away rights of managing and governing the investment companies to the UniHome Investments. This is done to ensure stable and continued representation at the businesses where investments have been made.

c. Shareholders of Investment companies have RIGHT TO ALL DIVIDEND AND RETURNS FROM THE INVESTMENTS.

d. Shareholders have RIGHT TO SELL THEIR SHARES to anyone, after practicing first right of refusal offer to the remaining shareholders. UniHome Investments can help to negotiate and make a deal.

e. Shareholders have RIGHT TO EXIT at any time after following due procedures and any applicable fees.

a. Yes, currently it is NPR. 1 million.

b. UniHome Investments also will be coming up with separate small investor investment options for equity investments of NPR 0.5-1 million.

Yes. But we offer advice only in the context of the UniHome Investments portfolio and investment companies.

Some equity investments may take longer to sell than others, but we ensure facilitation and try to complete the deal for you.

Your share certificates are proof of your investments and your holdings in each of investment companies managed by UniHome Investments.

All investment companies and invested businesses undergo third party audits and compliance checks. We publish half-yearly reports and periodic updates of investments.

a. 1% administrative fee on exit if the investor finds its own buyer.

b. 1% administrative fee and 2% finder’s fee on exit if UniHome Investments finds the buyer.

c. No fees after the completion of the mandatory years.

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