NEPSE glows in the first trading day of the new year: Volume made it even more exciting

With the start of the new year, the share market has also started to be more lively. With the Nepse indicator, new enthusiasm has been added to the trading volume. The banking group, which has been sluggish for a long time, is also starting to shine. Even in the first trading day of the new year 2078, especially in the banking group has gained momentum. Apart from this, there has been good growth in finance, investment and other groups. Many expect a positive impact on the overall stock market as the banking group moves forward. In comparison, this group is still considered very cheap.

The Nepse index has increased by 20.61 points and reached 2735.40 points. The double-digit market has been boosted by a trading volume of more than Rs 8.63 billion. Analysts say that the fact that there is a sufficient amount of transaction along with the indicators is still a positive aspect for the market. More than 19 million shares of 218 companies have been traded.

Now the season of stock market has started. Third quarter reports of listed companies will also start coming. In these scenarios, the overall movement of the stock market is expected to be more encouraging. Overall profit growth is projected. Liquidity is expected to become more comfortable. Now that the development work is intensifying, the money in the government account will come to the market.
Similarly, a new budget is also being prepared. The budget is believed to be capital market friendly. While the overall stock market is on a bull run, the general investor’s psychology is also strong. In these scenarios, analysts say that the long-term destination of the stock market will be bullish. Investors should choose companies with strong financial indicators and invest patiently.

Except for hydropower and trading, all other groups are green. The price of eight companies has increased to the level of circuit breaker. In terms of turnover, NIC Asia Microfinance has topped the list with more than Rs. 498.9 million. NIFRA is in the second position and NIC Asia Bank is in the third position.

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